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Bandito Slot 2

Classic Fruits Slot

Slot Bandito

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Flávio Figueiredo, founder and CEO of media outlet iGaming Brazil, Slotegrator’s media partner, comments: “During this long regulatory process, there were several changes, several bills and, in my opinion, there are still points that need to be improved, but the important thing at this moment is to regulate, put the ball in play, and address the needs as they happen. Working in a regulated market brings much more security to companies operating in the sector, as well as credibility to the player who bets.”

As a promising market where operators would do best to get started now and be ready for any possible changes in the future, Brazil is perfectly suited to modern platform software with maximum flexibility and a unified back office, like Slotegrator’s turnkey solution. The platform has a range of powerful modules, including the capacity to customize multiple front ends — perfect for a project facing multiple markets.

Ayvar Gabidullin, business development manager at Slotegrator, comments that it is an advanced solution for operators that have a great desire to be in this market but are keen to avoid exorbitant investments in a completely new market for them. Slotegrator experts also note the rising interest in mobile games, which is no surprise considering the country’s communications infrastructure; with 81% internet penetration and 99 out of 100 citizens using a mobile connection, there’s barely a Brazilian who doesn’t have access to the internet somehow, and it’s highly likely they’re doing so through a mobile phone.

When localizing a platform, it’s essential to take into account all regulations, including those related to advertising. “Brazil has a market with an annual projection of R $100 billion (approximately €18.5 billion), which would be a gold mine in any field of activity. No wonder the world is keeping an eye on the country. The forecast is that these numbers will grow even more with the regulated market and even more aggressive advertising, for example,” emphasizes Flávio Figueiredo, founder and CEO of iGaming Brazil.

The changes have not only had an impact on the regulatory framework; advertising has also been in the spotlight.

The gaming legislation of 2023 also outlines regulations for gaming promotions. Its framework includes:

Rules for communication, promotion, and marketing, primarily advocating for self-governance.

Compulsory incorporation of alerts regarding the hazards of promoted activities.

Ban on deceptive promotion, endorsement of unlicensed trademarks, or inaccurate advantages.

Clear prohibition of directing advertising towards minors (such as advertising in educational institutions) and requirements for appropriate age group identification.

What do operators need to consider before entering the market? Here, we’ll turn to comments from Fernando Saffores, founder and director of the media outlet Focus Gaming, Slotegrator’s media partner:

As with every recreation of likelihood, it’s crucial that you strategy Fortune Tiger with persistence as well as a playful Perspective. Not each and every round will result in a win, Which’s correctly usual.

Enjoying slots might get stressful in case you handle the winnings as income in lieu of enjoyment bonuses. If that occurs, Give up taking part in and have a crack.

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